“We have only now, only this single eternal moment opening and unfolding before us, day and night.” Jack Kornfield

Mindful living has two main components, the first is learning new ways to think more positively and manage stress more effectively. The second is meditation. In this exercise we will show you a very simple meditation you can practice anytime.

Set time aside for meditation every day until it becomes habitual. Enjoy it and look forward to it. Try to do this meditation at the same time every day or night.

Remember it does get easier with time and practice.

Allow twenty minutes for this exercise. Please sit someplace quiet and comfortable, where you will not be disturbed.

Diary Questions: Please answer these questions in the ‘Take Notes’ Section.
  • What was the most challenging aspect of this exercise?
  • What did you find easy to do, if anything?
  • What feelings did you notice as you did the exercise?
Assignment: Complete this exercise once a day for the next three days.