For many students mindfulness is now a way of life. So what does this actually mean? Well, when you’re being mindful you are very much living in the moment. You are fully aware of everything you experience and you accept everything that is happening to you, without negativity or judgement. You are kind to yourself and also to your friends and family.

When you try out the mindfulness practices in this program, you will be able to enjoy life again and get on with the things you have to do without them causing you too much stress. This is the great power of mindfulness. We can be honest with you and tell you that you might not find this program easy, but then again most of the things that are really worthwhile in life aren’t easy either.

Mindfulness encourages you to live every day one day at a time, letting go of stress, worry and anxiety. In this course, you will be shown how to practice mindfulness in your day-to-day life and we will show you how to incorporate it into your normal routines, so that before you know it, you will be using mindfulness without having to think about it.

Mindfulness can help us in the following ways:

  • It frees us of negative emotions
  • It deters you from unhelpful habits or negative thinking
  • It can bring balance to the left and the right sides of the brain
  • It gives you ‘time-out’, allowing your brain to re-charge from information overloads
  • Mindfulness allows your body to find its natural rhythm again
  • It can help you to concentrate better and regain your focus
  • Mindfulness makes us more productive
  • Mindfulness improves your ability to relate better to the people around you
  • But most important of all, it helps you to be yourself

Instructions: Getting Started

  1. Once you are logged in go to Lesson One. Read and follow the instructions in lesson one and the subsequent lessons thereafter.
  2. Record your answers to the questions we pose in the ‘Take Notes’ area to the top right of the site.
  3. Mindfulness isn’t easy so be gentle with yourself at all times.

Now it’s time for a brief introduction to Mindfulness.

Please sit comfortably and then play the Introduction to Mindfulness File now.