Steps for rolling out the program in your school:


Step One

Once you have purchased the program for your school, one of our sales team will email you the following:
  1. The leaflet for parents-digital version
  2. The leaflet for teachers-digital version
  3. The Headwise Poster that you can print for your school
  4. The coupon code to give to each student
  5. The Teacher’s Portal Instructions
  6. The Teacher’s coupon code (for their complimentary 8 week mindfulness course)

Step Two

Email the digital leaflet to all the teachers in your school and invite them to read the Headwise website.
Email the digital leaflet to all the parents of the students and invite them to read the Headwise website. Inform the parents that the school wants to give this course to their child unless they object to the program of course.
Print out the posters and distribute them in your school.
Email each student a very simple email telling them the website name, and giving them the coupon they need to register on the website, ask them to read the website and watch the videos on the website.
Encourage the staff in your school to register for their free course on
Ask each teacher to think about encouraging students to use their course at least once a day, or whenever a teacher feels that a student is being overwhelmed or stressed. Such times are perfectly suited to the student practicing some simple mindful breathing exercises.

Step Three:

Teachers can login to their portal or request a report be sent through email and see which students have completed each module and can offer encouragement to any student struggling to complete the course.
Each student who completes the mindfulness course according to instructions is automatically entered into a competition to win an Amazon gift card, so why not gently encourage students every day to practice their exercises. Students also receive cool badges after completing each week and receive a certificate that you can print, once the course has been completed.
The Headwise course is a great way for students, teachers and parents to link with one another even if students are not physically in school due to COVID restrictions. Encourage students to practice regularly even if they are at home.