Many teenagers are going through depression and anxiety because they do not know how to take care of their mental health. As adults, it is important to keep a keen eye on teens so that you can closely monitor their mental health and their wellbeing.

Mental health is easy to protect in teenagers with the right love and care. It would help if you showed your teen affection not to seek it from the wrong places. With your love and support, the teenager will have a strong relationship which will, in turn, make a positive impact on their mental health.

How to promote a teen’s mental health
  • To help promote a teen’s mental health and wellbeing, you need to do the following:
  • Show the teenager that you value their opinions and if you have to criticize them, try to do it positively so that they do not feel like they are useless. Give them positive advice and always ask for their opinion on some issues concerning them and the family.
  • Spend time with them and have fun with games making them enjoy family time together.
  • Encourage teens to talk about their feelings and anything they are going through in school and anywhere else. Ensure that you give them positive advice and listen to them without criticizing them, especially if they have made a mistake.
  • Keep communicating with your teen so that they will free to talk to you anytime they face a challenge.
  • If you have concerns, talk to family members or friends who the teen might be close to and ask them to counsel or talk to them.
  • Encourage physical activity.
  • Whenever a problem arises, you should deal with them immediately and try not to let issues build up or keep grudges.
  • Praise them when they do something right so that they are encouraged, and point out their mistakes and wrongs sternly but with care.
  • Show them that you are interested in what they do and keep up to date with the events in their life. This is the time to encourage a good hobby and keep tabs on any talent they have.
  • Please encourage them to avoid alcohol and other drugs.

These and others will help you keep your teen healthy, and you can be sure that you will be encouraging positive mental health in your teen.

How to Detect That the Teen Needs Help With Mental Health

Even with all the love and care you can provide, you can see that your teen still has mental health issues. When this happens, you will notice a few signs.

  • low moments and mood swings
  • A behaviour change: like they stop talking to their friends or other people and want to keep to themselves most times.
  • Sadness most of the time
  • A drop in performance in school
  • Aggressive behaviour, including temper tantrums and short tempers
  • Trouble sleeping

Keep a watchful eye on your teen every day so that it is easy for you to notice and changes in the behaviour.