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Mindfulness Meditation - Online Mindfulness ProgramOnline Mindfulness Program: For many people, mindfulness is now a way of life. So what does this actually mean? Well, when you are being mindful you are very much living in the moment. You are fully aware of all of your surroundings and you accept everything that is happening to you with no negativity or judgment. You are kind to yourself and indeed to others.

When you practice the mindfulness exercises in this program, you too will be able to experience greater peacefulness and greater satisfaction with life. This is the great gift of mindfulness. We can be honest with you and tell you that you might not find this program easy, but then again most of the things that are really worthwhile in life aren’t easy either.


Mindfulness encourages you to live every day in the same way, letting go of stress, worry and even resentment. In this mindfulness program, you will be shown how to practice mindfulness in your day-to-day life and so reap the benefits of a happier healthier you.

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Mindfulness Course (Free Week) Instructions

  1. Please download the Mindfulness Diary below and save it to your computer.
  2. Throughout the Mindfulness Course, you will be asked to play audio or video files.
  3. Read the Workbook before each exercise (available to you when you buy the full program) and complete the Diary after each exercise.
  4. If you type in the Diary it will store your progress once you save it each time.
  5. Alternatively, you can print out the Workbook and the Diary if you prefer.

Your Diary – Click to Download!

Sitting Mindfulness Meditation

Mindful living has two main components, the first is learning new ways to think more positively and manage stress more effectively. The second is meditation. In this exercise, we will show you a very simple meditation you can practice anytime.
Set time aside for meditation every day until it becomes habitual. Enjoy it and look forward to it. Try to do this meditation at the same time every day or night.

Remember it does get easier with time and practice.

Please play the Sitting Meditation Audio File below now.

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Just 5 minutes per day will improve your focus and concentration. Just what you need coming up to exam time.

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