For so many people, social media becomes addictive, and sometimes people do not get to do many things they plan on because they are hooked on social media. With so many negatives of social media, it is vital to take yourself off to concentrate on other issues and tasks.

Find A New Hobby

When you have free time, you should not always run to social media. Find out what else you like doing, and start doing it so that you can get your mind off social media. This is when you can learn something you have always had an interest in, like cooking, playing a sport, joining a club and many others.

Turn Notifications Off

Every time you see a notification of something interesting on social media, you will always be tempted to go to the page or site and see more details and comment about it. By turning off notifications, you will not see what is going on, and you can concentrate on other tasks. Even if you feel like you will be missing out on specific issues, you will appreciate the time you have away from social media.

Call, Visit and Text To Check In With Loved Ones

Instead of relying on social media to keep in touch with family and friends, try calling and texting them. This way, you will be able to get to know about them and tell them about you without visiting social media sites. You can also take the time to visit and hang out with your friends and share hobbies and other interests with them

Delete Apps

To avoid the temptation of checking social media sites, you should delete and uninstall them from your devices. This way, you will not get tempted to check them, and you can easily concentrate on other things you want to do.

Tell your friends that you will be off social media so that they can find other ways to keep in touch and check on you.

Limit your time on social media sites

Sometimes it might not be easy to get yourself off social media at once. It would be best if you started limiting your time slowly before you go entirely off the social media site. Set the alarm to visit the site a few hours in a day and keep reducing to even one hour a day, and finally, you will be ready to quit altogether.

Remember that limiting yourself needs will power and discipline. Do not surpass the time you have set and if you cannot do it alone, have someone encourage you and keep tabs so that you can follow through.

When you quit social media, you need to ensure that you replace it with something else, not to go back to the habit. Read a book; pick up a new sport and other tasks that you can enjoy being busy with. This will keep your mind off social media, and with time you will notice that you no longer have the interest to keep checking the sites.